Hair Salon Products


Nourishing Masque$25.00
Volume Spray$19.50
Meduim Spray$19.50
Art Formation Spray$18.50
Design Spray$17.00
Volume Spritz$16.00
Firm Hold Gel$14.00
Creme Paste$18.00
Mousse Wax$17.00
Thermal Styling Spray$16.00
Volume Mousse$18.00
Stylling Gel$13.00
Root Lifting Spray$15.00
Volume Styling Mousse$18.00
Styling Creme$16.00
Curl Defining Creme$18.00
Shine Serum$18.00
Shine Spray$17.00
Curl Glaze Mousse$17.00
Curl Spray$16.00

Aquage Products

Vitalizing Shampoo$16.00
Equalizing Detangler$16.00
Color Protecting Shampoo$16.00
Color Protecting Conditioner$16.00
Smoothing Shampoo$16.00
Healing Conditioner$20.00
Uplifting Foam$19.00
Beyond Shine$19.00
Working Spray$17.00
Finishing and Freezing Spray$19.00
Straightening Ultra Gel$23.00
Transforming Paste$22.00
Detailing Cream$17.00
Curl Defining Cream$17.00
Fortifying Ultra Gel$22.00
Sea Salt Texturizing Spray$17.00

Deva Curl

One Condition$20.00
Ultra Defining Gel$20.00
Set it Free$20.00
Set Up and Above$20.00

OPI and Essie

Single Polishes$9.00
Mini Sets$16.00


Shimmer Lights Shampoo$16.00
Aerogel Spray Large$18.00
Aerogel Spray Small$9.00
Moroccan Oil 3.4 oz.$45.00
Moroccan Oil .81 oz.$16.50
Moroccan Oil Shampoo$21.00
Moroccan Oil Conditioner$22.00
TRI Unific Conditioner$13.50
TRI Ecollogen Shampoo$13.00
TRI Jojoba Shampoo$13.00
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